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ASHS Video Bios Project


Francis Stark, ASHS Archivist/Historian, developed a passion for preserving the hard work of researchers, educators, and extension agents through his video interviews. His interview style was very casual by design because he wanted to show, “two people having a conversation.” 

Francis Stark passed away in September, 2003 but his work will live on so that future horticulturists will be able to learn what others before them thought and accomplished.

A total of 80 interviews were conducted by Francis Stark between 1999 and 2004  The length of each interview varies from 20-60 minutes. The 2004 interviews were conducted by Victor van Buchem.  Video capture and editing was performed by Lori Inkrot.  Video conversion and data conversion to Omeka in 2017 was performed by Ernest Witney.

Centennial Spotlights Presentation

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A special part of the 2003 ASHS Centennial Conference was the Centennial Spotlights Presentation featuring oral histories recorded by Francis Stark, ASHS Archivist/Historian. This video-based presentation showcased conversations with 13 notable horticulturists selected from 80 different interviews conducted between 2000 and 2003.

A special 10-minute Spotlights Overview video was produced for the Centenial Conference which describes the history of the project and presents brief clips describing the work of these select horticulturists.

William A. “Tex” Frazier Lecture


The ASHS Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Jules Janick is the Tex Frazier Lecturer for our Centennial Conference.  Janick's presentation will include a review of horticulture and horticultural science, with emphasis n the last 100 years.


Video interviews with selected poster authors were conducted at the 2003 and 2004 annual conference. Initiated by Tim Rhodus, ASHS Editor for Digital Information Resources, the HortEducators program was created to follow the work initiated by Francis Stark.  Each interview was led by Victor Van Buchem and Lori Inkrot created the audio recordings.