OSU Trial Tour

Primary Navigation Options


Floor Plan




Floor Plan appears when you open the website - View TrialTours

Navigating to any bed in the garden is handled by clicking on the appropriate icon in Floor Plan.

To close floor plan, click on "X" in upper right hand corner.


Help Sign


Navigation Options


Appears at beginning of Bed 1-2 and end of every bed.


Fullscreen Open and Close - Upper Right Corner of Screen


Control Bar - Outer Ring


  • Start/Stop Autorotation
  • Show/Hide Floor Plan
  • Next/Previous Panorama


Control Bar - Inner Circle


  • Move Vertically - Up or Down
  • Move Horizontally - Left or Right
  • Zoom In or Out
  • Center button - Hide Control Bar


Screen Control


Click in upper right corner to expand to full screen size or to reduce back to normal. This option, combined with the Start Autorotation option in the Control Bar make for a relaxing visual that will tour the entire trial garden.