OSU Trial Tour

Gallery 1 - OSU Trial Tour


The following 360˙ panorama is a sample of the overall look and layout of the OSU Cultivar Trial Garden for 2017. Autorotation will show the various plants at the front of Beds 1&2. This represents just one of 64 different panoramas linked together in the OSU Trial Tour.


Access to the site is open for everyone, at any time and using any computer or mobile device. Our link address is:


http://go.osu.edu/trialtours - View Site



Gallery 2 - Trial Tour on VR Headset

A partial tour for VR headsets is also available. This tour combines four different panoramic spheres into a single experience. Navigation between each location is handled by matching the target and the hotspot. This site is accessed using your phone's browser and inserting it into any of the following VR headsets: Utopia 360˙, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, VR ONE, HOMiDO, and ColorGross VR.



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