Ohio State Cultivar Trials

  • Impatiens Most Liked AGAIN in Round 3

  • Impatiens Most Liked in Round 2

  • Zinnia Most Liked in Round 1

  • Using Digital Evaluator app

  • Entering a rating score

  • Digital Evaluator App on iPad

  • Map for locating & rating Field beds

  • Map for locating & rating Basket, Container, Shade beds


Completed 3rd round evaluations - 19 evaluators provided 10,089 ratings. An interactive Search and Sort lets you control the results.



Following the second evaluation, top plants were photographed with the Digital Evaluator App on iPad. View the most popular.


App & Badges

Volunteer responses to the Digital Evaluator app were very positive. Participants are learning about plants and earning digital badges.


Digital Evaluator for iPhone

iPhone app

2015 Evaluations

Developed by Dr. Claudio Pasian and managed by William Barnhill for 2015, the Ohio State University Cultivar Trials are conducted each year in order to evaluate ornamental bedding and container plants. The objective of these trials is to observe the performance of new and recently introduced cultivated plant varieties under environmental conditions typical of central Ohio.

In 2014, the Cultivar Trials piloted a new app called Digital Evaluator. Designed by Dr. Tim Rhodus, Professor Horticulture & Crop Science, the app can be used on iPhone and iPad devices. While reviewing each plant, volunteers can enters their ratings and comments. Information is saved in the app and then emailed to Dr. Rhodus. Now in its second year, Digital Evaluator is the only evalution option being used to gather data for the trials. The updated app offers some improved user features, for example, a one-button data export, but remains largely the same. As in previous trials, there are four evalation periods during the growing season when data is collected. The website features an interactive table of results, the Gallery of Most Popular plants and how volunteers earned digital badges to recognize their participation and learning to use the Digital Evaluator app.

Article about the Project - June 2015

Written for the June 2015 issue of The Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association publication The Buckeye Educational Update feature, Digital Evaluator: An App for Trial Gardens describes the cultivar trials and how the app was created to assist in organizing and managing the evaluation and communication program for the garden. View the pdf version at: webgarden.osu.edu/buckeye2015.pdf

Departmental Seminar - February 2015

For an overview of the Cultivar Trials program and the debut of the Digital Evaluator App, watch the online slide presentation "Ohio State Cultivar Trials: Going Digital for 2014" presented by Tim Rhodus, Professor, and Claudio Pasian, Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, Ohio State University, Columbus. Hint: quickly advance through the slides, click on the home graphic and then enjoy the show in full screen by pressing the "F" key.

For more information

For more information regarding the Digital Evaluator App, contact Dr. Tim Rhodus at Ohio State University, Department of Horticulture & Crop Science. Email: Rhodus.1@osu.edu

For more information regarding the Ohio StateCultivar Trials, contact Dr. Claudio Pasian at Ohio State University, Department of Horticulture & Crop Science. Email: Pasian.1@osu.edu